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Now let understand the word Chitta: Chitta means “Consciousness” , “Mind Stuff”, “lower mind” "Mental Substance" In simple term, thoughts that clutter the mind, everthing and anything that you think, the good or bad. The ego, intellect, emotions, your likes and dislikes, your inner & outer conflicts

Is the mind. Conscious & subconscious mind... 


The totality of mental functions is chitta,  Friends, Our minds is like a little monkey, who likes to wander from branch to branch,  climbing from one thought to another,  It likes to constantly swing between the past and future.Invite that little monkey to rest on one brach for a moment and just breath. 


Be reflective not reactive.. its the mind reacting…


Friends  It’s quite a challenge to remove the fluctuations of the mind, because the mind is always thinking that’s what it does. & if I say stop thinking, but you will ask,  ”How? How to simply stop?” The mind continues. you have cooperated with it, you have helped it. Even if you sit, the mind continues.  Even if you don’t do, it still continues. 

You can sit in a posture and you can try some chanting mantra - or you can just try to sit silently, not to think, but then not to think becomes a thinking. & if you try saying  “ I am not to think; don’t think,  stop thinking, but friends this is all thinking.   


Now lets understand the meaning of Vritti, meaning “fluctuations” or “waves” ;  We see the world according to your own Vritti i.e disturbances of the mind.  Like the reflection of the moon on the water. If the water is not calm, the reflection of the moon is obscured. When our mind is disturbed by the winds of life, by change, by disruptions or challenges in life, we cannot see ourselves clearly. Our divine nature, like the moon, 

is always there, but our view of it is distorted. 

Vritti are always with us. They come to us from our family, friends, society, teachers, and our own unique life experience. 

They can change throughout our life.  The good news is that they can be modified and lessened. The practice of Yoga works to calm these disturbances of the mind so that we may see, and reflect, our own divine natures more clearly. 

When we calm the vrittis, the disturbances of the mind, we are better equipped to respond to people and situations with compassion and love. Following the true path of Yoga teaches us to control the body and to calm the mind. 


Consider a silent lake. When we throw a stone into the lake, ripples start appearing on the surface. Until we stop throwing a stone, it gradually appears at the surface.  These ripples don’t let us see at the bottom of the lake.The lake is like our Chitta or Manas. The stones we throw into the lake is the external causes which enter in mind through senses.


Vritti is the ripples appeared on the surface of the lake. Regular accumulation of vritti over Chitta surface (lake surface) makes the bottom vision unclear. This unclear surface keeps us from experiencing the deeper truth of self. Hence, Vritti is the fluctuations (of chattering mind) that affect our perception of experiencing the reality. 

Usually, vritti is the result of our attachments, desires & fear of the external world. Nirodha, means stoppage, “suppression” or “restraint.” Or removal. The controlled mind should not be confused with suppressed thoughts.  The thoughts and emotions stay, but, with deep meditation, the mind becomes still and one-pointed. 

This mastery of deep stillness is called nirodha. Here, patanjali is teaching a technique to quieten the mind that leads to mental peace. 


Various yoga practices help you achieve chitta-vritti-nirodha, including Patanjali's eight-limbed path: among them, asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, and observing the yamas (restraints)  and niyamas (observances). As long as the mind is unchecked, we are unable to relieve ourselves of our negative thought patterns and  all its trickle-down effects on our physical, emotional and mental condition.


Only with a calm mind can the true nature of existence be realized


Patanjali gives a solution to it:  Yes there is.. but because it very simple, it difficult to accept it.  So how can you control your mind ?..  The answer is:  By just observing it, being a witness. He says “Let It go”….. just look. let mind do whatsoever it is doing. You don’t interfere. You just be a witness, you just be an onlooker not concerned,  as if the mind doesn’t belong to you, as if it is not your business, not your concern.  Don’t be concerned! Just look and let the mind flow. It is flowing because of past momentum, because you have always helped it to flow. The activity has taken its own momentum, so it is flowing. You just don’t cooperate Look, and let the mind flow. 


The river will flow a while. If you don’t cooperate, if you just look unconcerned – Buddha’s word is indifference, upeksha: looking without any concern, just looking, not doing anything in any way – the mind will flow for a while and it will stop by itself  When the momentum is lost, when the energy has flowed, the mind will stop.  When the mind stops, you are in yoga: you have attained the discipline. 


This is the definition: YOGA IS THE CESSATION OF MIND.

Change your mind, and you can change your world. 


Keep smiling. Have a good practice... 




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