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Friends, little is known about  the author of Yoga Sutra. Almost everything about him is unknown. Most basic, biographical details are disputed and there are few mythological stories. The question comes,  Is Patanjali the founder of Yoga ? Lets delve into this question. Many sacred ancient text including the Bhagwad Gita, The Vedas & the Upanishads Do mention yoga but none of the ancient text specialise the philosophy of yoga like the yoga sutra of Patanjali great philosopher, a grammarian, He systematically organized, So now let us talk about THE BIRTH OF PATANJALI 


Friends, legend says, Adishesha the serpant, the carrier of Vishnu Infact one of the many incarnations of Vishnu Vishnu when vishnu was lying down on Adishesha, the serpent Vishnu was visualising the dance of shiva  while visualising the dance of Shiva, Vishnu's body was trembling & the trembling was even felt  by the serpent adishesha & there is where, lot of discomfort was happening to the serpant after shiva ended his dance Adishesha wanted to know, why Vishnu's body was trembling ? then vishnu talked about the dance of Shiva and that is where Adishesha requested Vishnu that even he wants  to learn the dance of shiva now for that Adishehsa, would have to take a human form & there is where Vishnu thought of incarnating Adishesha into the form of human being At the same time a virtuous woman


Gonika,  one of the devotees of yoga one of the practitioners of yoga, wanted to pass her wisdom, her knowledge of yoga to someone worthy as a life was coming to an end,  and she was praying to the Lord  sun that please give me a worthy son where in I can transfer my knowledge my wisdom to the one with responsible and as she was in the river with the palms open Palms are also know as "Anajali", 


She was praying to the lord & there is where a serpent falls into her palm and the falling of something is known as "PATA"& her palms where in the form of "ANJALI" that was "PATANJALI" & there is where she transferred all her knowledge of yoga and wisdom to Patanjali Here the birth of PATANJALI comes. Nothing compares to Patanjali, He has made enlightenment as a science NO BELIEFS ARE REQUIRED whether you're a Christian, whether you're Muslim or a Hindu,  Anyone can follow this path. at no point of time,  in this scriptures, in the Yoga Sutras he has mentioned about any of the religions of Hindu,He just talks about, this is the path, follow these paths, follow this sequence and you will attain Samadhi and that is the reason he had made four chapters, first one is Samadhi that is ENLIGHTMENT & CONCENTRATION second is SADHANA. THE WAY, THE METHOD The third is VIBHUTI different power, supernatural powers attained when you do this & the last is Kaivalya, i.e the Moksha or Liberation so friends, the four chapters, in the next videos I will be talking about these four chapters with a little bit of more greater detail with the Sutra that "ATHA YOGA ANUSHASANAM" in samadhipada and the "ASHTANGA YOGA"in sadhana path friend




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